Please read the below article involving the LAPD Crash Unit


Please read the below article involving the LAPD Crash Unit and respond to the classmate discussion post below in minimum of 100 words:

Rampart CRASH Unit Article Review: 

 The ethical and unethical issues that contributed to the Rampart scandal are a very important factor that has been previously addressed in the text. It is the moral and integrity values that allow an officer to conduct himself/herself with the upmost professionalism towards the citizens of the community and the law enforcement profession. Like stated in the text management and supervisors play a vital role in the Rampart scandal as “they” are the front line of any issues or possible problems down the road pertaining to officers of the department. Apparently there was no legitimate or accountability in the supervisor’s role within the Rampart CRASH Unit. This lack of monitoring and corruption within the officers of the CRASH Unit caused the crimes mentioned to be committed. The crimes that were fund to be committed by officers and their partners ranged from elaborated bank robberies to missing Cocaine from inside the police department’s evidence room. Other crimes such as the road rage shooting that occurred between an off-duty officer and an undercover LAPD officer. All of the crimes involved corruption to the extent of covering evidence in for the sole purpose of benefitting the corrupted organized crime group of the Rampart CRASH Unit.   

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