Answer the following four questions on proper waste disposal and

Answer the following four questions on proper waste disposal and recycling. 

  1. Your personal stance on corporate and civil responsibilities for proper waste disposal practices and recycling.
    Clearly explain, with supporting reasons, why you believe this social concern is important. You also must include a clear and balanced understanding that there are varying perspectives that may be different from your stance. You need to demonstrate that you can successfully communicate on this issue of social concern with other diverse groups/people who may not agree with you. 
  2. Your willingness to act in a balanced manner (with due consideration) in situations where proper waste disposal practices are being ignored. In other words, if you see an injustice occurring, how will you act?
    Include your basis for evaluating the actions of others who are different from you–either culturally, ethnically, racially, economically, or regionally – and demonstrate a rational, balanced handling of the injustice.
    SECTION 2 — Answer two questions that provide a broader view of both corporate and individual social responsibility.
    1. Your overall world-view for the future as related to recycling and proper waste disposal.
    2. Include how you hope the world community will evolve in this critical area.
      Specify key areas where you will see changes in the practice of proper waste disposal or in enhanced environmental protection.

4. Finally, your involvement or lack thereof in environmental or other important social causes –going back as far as your freshman year in college. In your answer you are to provide specific examples of involvement or, if you have not been involved, how you hope to be involved in the future after graduation. 

How you have changed your personal perspective for the better since you entered college. You are asked to provide at least one strong example to document your change in perspective.

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