Homework Content Your Final Plan should reflect all the blocks

Your Final Plan should reflect all the blocks assembled as ONE paper/file.   This paper will be graded on originality 95%, relevancy, and being substantive. And it is worth 20 % of your total Final Grade. You must cite all the elements and sub-elements required as per your sample in the textbook Business Plan, pages 490-522 (Edition 3) and pages 50-73 (Edition 2) for “The Daily Perc” (Table of Contents) that contains 8 sections with each section’s sub-elements.
*You must submit this Final Plan by 4/10/22 no later than that. NO EXCEPTIONS

Your Business Plan must have a references page. You must reference your textbook and one other source from the database STATISTA database use the FNU Electronic Library /  (LIRN ID> 24439 / Password> smartlearn39) 

Instructions as to how to access STATISTA (Read Carefully)
Your Assignment requires that you submit at least two references one from your textbook and at least one from the database “STATISTA”
You will be able to access the STATISTA database by going to your FNU Library “LIRN” (Access ID> 24439 / Password> smartlearn39)
– Once you have signed to LIRN
– Go to your Business section
– Type the topic to be searched (As examples) type:
– You will get search results for your selection
 – Click on your selection and it will display information to be used on your assignment (text, data, graphs, etc) 
 – It will also give you a window for your citation (choose APA) and copy/paste on your assignment’s references page
Use the data from the reports to supplement your questions’ answers. Remember that at least this assignment requires one reference from STATSTA and at least one reference from your course-assigned textbook. Not meeting these referencing requirements will result in a substantial deduction of points for your paper.  If you are having problems accessing STATISTA, I urge you to contact the FNU Library and request assistance with one of the Librarians who are knowledgeable and ready to assist you during the Library hours M-F 8 to 10 PM and on Saturdays from 10 to 5 PM.  The “STATISTA” citation/referencing information from a Blue/Icon should be entered (copied/pasted) just as it shows up, but if it is the Orange/Icon you will need to enter the citation/referencing manually. 

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