Based on our roundtable discussion, (IS ABOUT ROYAL CARRIBEAN COMPANY


which emerging opportunity or threat do you believe is the most important for the firm we discussed to act upon? Why? Why is this idea or issue deserving of the firm’s resources (i.e. explain how it links to the firm and what impact it could have)? How should this firm respond? (i.e. suggestions for action)

  • You may not select the opportunity/threat you researched and pitched
  • Format your response as a formal note to the VP of Strategic Planning, Dr. Julie Sharek (i.e. include date, greeting, body of text, closing, signature)
  • Use the hyperlink function to embed at least one link to further information (IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO HYPERLINK PUT THE LINK)
  • Include a chart or graph  to support  your  position. If the chart or graph is not created by you, be sure to include a hyperlink to its source. 


 The Legal threat that I have identified and found most unique with Royal Caribbean (Links to an external site.), is the specific factors that influence how essential it is for Royal Caribbean to follow all new laws and guidelines regarding the legal environment and the new consumer-based market. If these specific laws are not being implemented into their business model and system, it can cause a strong negative effect on the overall corporation. When traveling on international waters, Royal Caribbean has to be cautious about violating other countries’ laws such as copyright laws, discrimination laws, data protection laws, and intellectual property rights laws. More importantly, Royal Caribbean has to be aware of constant updates with health and safety laws and regulations occurring across international waters. What the laws of the United States may have set in place, could be completely different from another country. Any violations that may occur can cause other competitors to take advantage of the unwanted circumstances. It is crucial for Royal Caribbean to abide by equal employment opportunity laws, intellectual property laws, and consumer protection laws because it can lessen their position against other market competitors- The largest political/legal threat I could find relating to Royal Caribbean are the laws surrounding the COVID crisis, as well as mandates and lockdowns for certain Caribbean countries that Royal visits (Links to an external site.). For example, the Bahamas is the most popular destination for Royal Caribbean cruises, I have been to the Bahamas three times on this cruise line. The Bahamas requires covid vaccinations and a negative test in order to visit, even through the cruise line. Other countries such as Curacao and Dominica have stricter rules on U.S. citizens visiting (Links to an external site.), requiring them to stay in certain hotels and get covid tests daily. These rules and regulations can affect the travel industry vastly, and with the current situation any spike in covid cases can lead to countries closing their borders and Royal Caribbean’s bottom line being affected. –  As we look at the royal Caribbean Cruise line I noticed a particular threat that I believe needs to be addressed. It was around two years ago when a cruise ship was docked in Australia when a volcano erupted and in the ended injured many people and around 22 were killed in the incident. (Links to an external site.)The passengers of the ship were on the land excursion at the time, though in the end the couple that was burned in the incident sued Royal Caribbean for this incident. The legal issue I see is us having not clearly and properly addressed these sort of incidents in our waivers. We need to be more careful of our travel locations as well as being aware of what we are legally responsible for. 

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