Week 3 Activity: Product Liability Law Case Summary Overview In


  1. Week 3 Activity: Product Liability Law Case Summary
    In this activity, you review a product liability case and create a brief that summarizes its legal elements.

    1. Consider the case examples from earlier discussions, then read Estate of Simpson v. GM, LLC.
    2. Using the Week 3 Activity Template [DOCX], accurately summarize the following regarding design, manufacturing, and failure-to-warn causes of action in a brief that effectively lays out the following legal elements of the case:
      • The holding of the court and its reason(s).
      • Applicable product liability defect law.
      • Proceedings history.
      • Party arguments.
      • Case facts.
    3. LEG500 – Format for all writing assignments:
    • Include page numbers
    • 1-inch margins, double spaced throughout the assignment
    • Times New Roman, 12-point type
    • Title Page centered, the first page should include: Assignment name, your name, professor name, and date
    • Cite credible, scholarly sources in the text of the paper that corresponds to the sources on the Source page.  Type “Sources” centered on the last page of the assignment. Record sources that you used in the assignment in a numbered list.
    • See the Strayer Writing Standards link for in-text citations and sources on the Source page.  SWS Home – Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) – Strayer University Library at Strayer University
      • For each resource you use in your coursework, there are two things you must do. First, add the resource to the Source list on the final page/slide. Second, insert an in-text citation to each sentence that quotes, paraphrases, or summarizes information from that resource. Make sure that each in-text citation has a matching source list entry, and vice versa, before submitting an assignment. See the video: https://youtu.be/jDKstcOUX8U

     Earlier Discussion:

Week 1 Discussion – Justifying Unethical Conduct and the Purpose of Law



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