Once the execution of a plan begins, the planning process


Once the execution of a plan begins, the planning process is completed. However, plans remain important touchstones long after implementation. Plans represent collective efforts that can be evaluated, with reflections on lessons learned that can be applied to future efforts. Plans can also become important elements of professional portfolios.

Having worked on several elements of HIT evaluation, you now compile these into a portfolio. As you pull together these elements, take time to revise them based on your own expanded knowledge and Instructor feedback. Also, reflect on the process of developing the evaluation plan to consider what went well or what could be improved.

For this Assignment, you review feedback you have received on previously submitted elements of your HIT Evaluation Plan Project and compile those elements into a cohesive final plan. You also identify success criteria and analyze the process of creating an evaluation plan. 

To Prepare:

· Locate your Assignments related to your evaluation plan.

· Review the Instructor feedback you received.

· Reflect on the feedback received and apply that feedback to revise the key elements for this compilation.

Write a 1-page reflection that includes:

· A summary of the criteria you will use to determine the success of your plan

· An analysis of the process of creating an evaluation plan. Some things to reflect on include the steps that may be present, challenges and how to address them, what went well and why, and ways to improve future evaluations. 

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