Assignment 1: Where to Play: Playing Field, Competition & Your

 Assignment 1: Where to Play: Playing Field, Competition & Your Organization Due Week 4, Sunday, midnight of your time zone (Weight: 25%) Introduction “Find out everything that you can about the playing field. You should know what your competitors’ salespeople eat for breakfast.” – Jack Welch – As the Chief Strategy Officer of your company, you have been commissioned to recommend a game-winning move that will allow your company to achieve strong revenue and profit growth and to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Although your game-winning move will not be presented to the CEO until Week 10, you have been asked to provide written executive briefs on your progress in Weeks 4 and 8. You want to impress the CEO and your colleagues with your insights and recommendations! You know that the best way to do this is to follow Jack’s logical 5-slide approach to strategy. Since there will be two interim updates, you have decided to focus your Week 4 executive brief on the Playing Field, the Competition, and Your Organization. You will focus your Week 8 executive brief on What’s Around the Corner? and your GameWinning Move. You will then synthesize your findings and recommendation into five PowerPoint slides for your presentation in Week 10. At the culmination of this three-part strategy assignment, you will have a clearly articulated and persuasive game plan to win! Instructions for Assignment 1 Using the Assignment 1 Template, address the following: 1. Introduction and Playing Field Description: Provide an opening paragraph that explains the purpose of your brief, then detail the specific target segment of the market where you are choosing to compete. You should ensure the target segment is sufficiently large to achieve your company’s sales and profit growth objectives, but sufficiently focused so that your company can intimately understand market characteristics and compete effectively. The template provided for this assignment guides you on how to organize relevant information, including: a. Your company b. The industry for your organization of choice c. The market size of this industry d. Specific description of the segment of this industry in which you will compete (the Playing Field) e. Brief explanation of why you selected this segmen 

See the up load and please use the template

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