The feminist view of gender argues against biological determinism and

The feminist view of gender argues against biological determinism and the claim that gender is socially constructed. You have discussed the factors that influence the distinct masculine and feminine roles and gender typing. You will now have the opportunity to share your views and support them with research-based materials.

In this discussion, evaluate a case study and analyze your own gender development. Share factors and influences in your own personal development as well as new information gleaned from r esearch. Demonstrate your grasp of relevant terms and theories by utilizing them in your assignment content. This will help your instructor measure your comprehension and application of material.

In the preparation for the analysis p aper, complete the following:

These political times greatly impacted my life and personality. Boomer women were demanding equal rights as they discarded their girdles and garter belts and burned their bras. It was during this era when the civil rights legislation brought new opportunities for women. We were attending graduate school and working at well-paying careers. We had demonstrated the ability to juggle home, children, and careers.

It was also during this time when many of us began our gender-bender missions. We were challenging the stereotypical image of the 1950s. I, myself, entered the military in the 1970s, which was during a time when women were not totally accepted, even though we played an important role in the Vietnam era. After the military, I entered law enforcement and again pushed the gender role stigma. At the time of my law enforcement career, there were only five women in a department of three hundred men. Later, the department grew to five hundred men and still had only seven women. As women boomers, we were accessing many nontraditional roles and employment opportunities that had previously been considered “male only.” There were also men entering the nursing field during this era. Unfortunately, they too were subjected to the same type of stereotypical comments. I would ask myself, “Why can’t men be receptionists, hairdressers, and nurses, or why can’t women work as construction crews?” (Eastman, 2008).


Eastman, L. E. (2008). The baby boomer’s handbook for women (pp.
           541–550). Prospect, KY: PWN Books.

  • In a 2- to 3-p age analysis p aper in a Microsoft Word document, address the following:
    • Compare the contemporary context and theories of gender, gender development, and gender identity with the case study viewpoint.
    • Analyze and describe whether gender-bender missions still exist. Identify the areas where you see that the lines of gender roles are being blurred or are no longer relevant.
    • Support your response with research references to gender theories.

Submission Details:

  • Cite all sources using APA format on a separate page.

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