Develop an innovation plan. An Innovation Plan is the written


Develop an innovation plan.

An Innovation Plan is the written document that details the proposed innovation and its commercial potential as a venture. It must describe current status, expected needs, and projected results of the new concept.  Every aspect of the venture needs to be coved: the project, marketing, research and development, manufacturing, management, critical risks, financing, and milestones or a timetable.

A description of all of these facets of the proposed venture is necessary to demonstrate a clear picture of what that venture is, where it is projected to go, and how the innovator proposes it will get there. The innovation plan is the road map for a successful enterprise.

Your innovation plan should contain the following:

  • Describe every aspect of a particular innovation
  • Include a marketing plan
  • Clarify and outline financial needs
  • Identify potential obstacles and alternative solutions
  • Establish milestones for continuous and timely evaluation
  • Serve as a communication tool for all assessment purposes.

Make sure the innovation plan is at-least 5-8 pages in length, and submit in APA format with FIVE outside references.

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