This week, you have been listening to voices from the

 This week, you have been listening to voices from the ideas of feminism.  For some, this may be a motivation, and for some, this may be a challenge to your present world-view.  Speak to the idea of feminism from your perspective and what you are learning from it.  Answer/address the following: 


1. How did you define feminism before this week’s material? Has your definition changed? If the ideas of feminism are a challenge to you or a comfort to you, why?

2. Do you call yourself a feminist? Why or why not? Would you answer differently based on the friends and/or family who would hear your answer? 

3. What is the most important issue facing feminism and/or gender equality right now? 

4. What do you wish another gender knew about what it is like to be you? 

5. Optional: Is there any personal experience you want to share that is related to these issues?  


You should create an initial post of at least 350 words

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