Week 4 Assignment – Group Practice Operations Plan Part 1

Week 4 Assignment – Group Practice Operations Plan Part 1


Physician practices are a key component of the U.S. health care system. As a future health care administrator, it is important for you to demonstrate an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that today’s physicians face in providing quality health care services.


You are a newly licensed physician and have been hired to lead a small group practice. This is a new role for you, and you have decided to do some research and develop an operations plan to guide you in managing the practice and leading the staff.


Part 1:

Develop Part 1 of 4 for an operations plan, Parts 2–4 will be completed in Weeks 6, 8, and 10 assignments. Part 1 of the operations plan should be 3–4 pages and include at least three quality academic resources in which you:

  • Assess a minimum of two organizational forms in a medical group practice and summarize your findings.
  • Select the organizational form will you use for this practice and justify your selection.
  • Explain how you will transition from the existing practice form to the form you have selected.
  • Develop three organizational goals as the new leader of the practice include constraints you may experience working towards those goals.
  • Explain the role human resources management (HRM) will play in the physician practice, including attracting employees, employee retention, labor and employment laws, and compensation plans.
  • Examine the role nursing will have in the restructuring of the practice.
  • Develop a marketing strategy that includes three aspects of consumer behavior that should be considered and support your response.

Note: Include a cover page and reference page 

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