Topic 7 DQ 1May 2-4, 2022 Describe one internal and

Topic 7 DQ 1May 2-4, 2022

Describe one internal and one external method for the dissemination of your evidence-based change proposal. For example, an internal method may be the hospital board, and an external method may be a professional nursing organization. Discuss why it is important to report your change proposal to both of these groups. How will your communication strategies change for each group?


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May 2, 2022, 10:19 PM


Dissemination is the communication of clinical, research and theoretical findings for the purpose of transitioning new knowledge to the care of the patient. It is important to transform the evidence change to different level. If not change would not occur and innovations would be adapted. Dissemination is most successful if multiple methods are used. 

Internal dissemination is sharing information results within the organization while external dissemination includes individuals or groups outside the organization (Sarver. McNett,2019).  My evidence-based proposal is focusing prevention and early diagnosis of obesity related disease such as diabetes. 

Internal method of dissemination is the organization board, contains key stakeholders who makes major decisions. Patients are the main stakeholders because it involves behavioral and cultural change. Other members are nurses, physicians, providers, and other professionals involved in patient care (Novins, Green, Legha & Aarons, 2013). The communication could be more personal way, face to face which creates opportunities for questioning and instant feedback.  

External dissemination could be done through a professional nursing organization.  ANA is the best platform where more nurses and nursing leaders involved in evidence-based research project. Print materials and pear review articles are used to support the evidence practice. It may be presented in face-to-face conferences (Ashcraft, L.E, Quinn D.A & Brownson R.C, 2020).


Ashcraft, Laura Ellen, et al. “Strategies for Effective Dissemination of Research to United States Policymakers: A Systematic Review – Implementation Science.” BioMed Central, BioMed Central, 15 Oct. 2020,

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