Please answer each question separately Q1 Looking closely at the

 Please answer each question separately 


Looking closely at the science of Exercise Physiology and Sport Kinesiology; What are the moral and social implications of the ways the athlete’s body is protected, probed, monitored, tested, trained, disciplined, evaluated, manipulated, and rehabilitated within the traditions and new methods within your sport?


If you were an educator/guest lecturer for parents of young children, what do you think are the most important concepts for parents to understand about the role of early childhood experiences in development?  Give at least 3 examples about experiences parents should provide to young children and provide support for your choices. 


What is the relationship between race and poverty in the U.S., according to current statistical data? And, what is the relationship between prejudice and economic status? Give examples to illustrate, sharing a related news piece as well (also include a link for the news source).


What is an attitude? Where do attitudes come from, and how are they formed? What are some of the explanations accountings for the relatively weak relationship between a person’s attitudes and behaviors? Have you seen this operating in your own life? How?


How does couples and family counseling present a different set of ethical issues from individual counseling models? If you were to work with a couple or a family, which ethical issues might you find challenging?

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