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he world we live in is uncertain, and it gets more challenging daily (Jurns, 2019). It has been expected that nurses must be advocates, and it is their ethical and professional obligation (Jurns, 2019). However, I believe that advocacy does not only imply to nurses or medical professionals but anyone. We can find several ways to advocate for others. It can be as simple as giving up a bus seat to a pregnant or elderly female or feeding food to a homeless individual. These are simple, yet they can help impact somebody’s life. To make such simple efforts more powerful, one can join a group that can help homeless individuals. 

Several countries have recognized the importance of healthcare rights (Nunes, Nunes, & Rego, 2017). With this said, I am a firm believer in healthcare for all, that healthcare is a right and not a privilege. As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, my advocacy involves giving pro bono visits to some patients who do not have health insurance. It is heartbreaking to see people who severely need psychiatric help rejected for financial reasons. Besides giving pro bono visits for them, I need to be more engaged in helping promote healthcare as a right and not a privilege through joining associations and getting my voice out to support it is a must. If it weren’t for this class, I would not have thought about the power of policy. 

There are various reasons why healthcare for all can be a positive impact. According to the University of Massachusetts, in a single system known to be free health care for all, private healthcare expenses can be decreased to 1.8 trillion. This would reduce administration and medication expenses (Friedman, 2013). The American Medical Association has said that these private insurances spend 11.7% on premiums and 6.3% on agendas in public health (American Medical Association, 2014). These statistics show the benefits of healthcare for all costs and, most importantly, can benefit the community and help save lives. 

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