Peer 1 Jackson An unrealistic scenario would be a zombie

Peer 1 Jackson

An unrealistic scenario would be a zombie attack. A quick and effective plan would include staying indoors, where we know the controlled environment. The second step would be to keep ourselves armed at all times, whether that be a pen, stapler, ruler, or gun. That way we could defend ourselves in-case of an attack from a zombie or any predator that may lurk by. After we have ourselves armed, we should create a barricade where it will be difficult for someone to come inside of the secure office but with an easy escape route for us if we need to leave the building. This would leave us to barricade the main entrance, while keeping guard of the emergency exit and to use traps that could capture or kill an intruder. Once we are safe we could scan and survey the area to see if this is a local, regional, or global attack. To decipher if we can handle going out of the office or if we should keep calm until safety arrives. Once we have a good idea of what we are fighting against, we could figure out where the first aid kits are located, the food, and sleeping quarters. Maintaining ourselves to hold post there for at minimum of one week if this is a small office  with at most six employees. We do not want to make any irrational movements that could give our location to the predators, since we do not know officially what we are up against and the strongest people in the office may not be at work that day. If all else fails there should be a plan of survival of the fittest, where if something goes wrong then there will become every person for themselves and all the rules are out the window. 

Peer 2 Maria

An unrealistic scenario would be zombies. I believe that it is more likely for there to be life beyond our solar system than the dead coming back to life. My safety plan for an office similar to Dunder Mifflin Company would begin by keeping everyone calm. It is hard to control a situation when everyone decides to put themselves first instead of working together. The next part of the plan would be to delegate different jobs to different people and consider their skills. Doing this will allow the safety plan against zombies to work a lot more quickly than everyone freaking out and going into panic mode. I believe having a basement or place where they can bunker down would be ideal for a building like this. In case of any type of emergency, a bunker would help protect people from outside circumstances, and already having a bunker will make it easier to barricade the people in the office. Worrying for food will not be necessary until everything has calmed down because the bunker will hopefully have enough non-perishable supplies to last a couple of months for the people in the office. This would be my safety plan at least for the beginning stages.

After watching the clip from the office, I realized that there were many problems with the way the guy in the glasses handled their inattentiveness to the PowerPoint presentation regarding fire emergency preparedness. Insighting panic by locking doors, creating a real fire, and expecting all of them to understand what to do in case of a fire emergency was not reasonable. The reason why I say this is because the guy in the glasses knew they did not pay attention so if he knew that, why would they know what to do in the case of a real fire. I believe that the only thing this simulation created was real panic, destruction of property, and waste of time when he could have easily planned a simulation that they knew of. Requiring a fire simulation every couple of month would allow the workers in the office to have the steps mentally engrained. I believe that the guy in the glasses put the most unwanted circumstances – no phones, locked doors, etc. – and caused an unnecessary panic. Overall, I believe there are other methods in which he could have taught them the plan without causing real fear.

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