1. Analyze and compare on a table the following two

1.  Analyze and compare on a table the following two IO: IMF and World Bank in terms of:  

a.  Obligations

b.  Compliance

c.  Enforcement

2.  What has happened to the exchange-rate value of the dollar in each case? Explain.

a.  The spot rate goes from $1.25/SFr to $1.20/SFr. 

b.  The spot rate goes from SFr 0.90/$ to SFr 1.77/$.

d.  The spot rate goes from $0.010/yen to $0.019/yen.

e.  The spot rate goes from 101 yen/$ to 100 yen/$.

3.  Calculate the Human Development Index of your country. Use parameters from the Human development report 2019 below.

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4.  For the past year, a country has 200 million of exports of goods and services, 160 million of imports of goods and services, 60 million of income received from foreigners, and − 40 million of net unilateral transfers. What is the range of values for income paid to foreigners, so that each of the following would be true?

a. The country has a current account surplus. 

b. The country has a deficit for its goods and services balance.

c. The country is a net borrower from the rest of the world.


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