I would use two forms of communication, first communication by

I would use two forms of communication, first communication by email as preparation for what is coming and secondly a face-to-face meeting to explain reasons and respond to questions. According to Daft, “Face-to-face discussion is the richest medium because it permits direct experience, multiple information cues, immediate feedback, and personal focus.”

Email and corporate media, this type of communication provide more direct communication to a single department or to a whole organization, usually, it is used as one-way communication, unless it requires a response.

Email, and grouped and personal face-to-face communication. Emails can be useful to send detailed information and links for different instructions. Face-to-face meetings help to interact with all personnel and manager to ensure communication of tasks are in sync, also, to foment interaction of ideas and improvements for different processes or implementation of new policies.

It comes to be a bit hassle to address your teamwork using nonverbal communication. If the occasion does not let me other options I would use a letter, email, and set body language as an example. In today’s world, organizations employ a diverse group of people from different backgrounds. Different cultures, languages, religions, and customs can make a big different situation if nonverbal communication is wrongly used. It is imperative to use correct writing, avoiding different colloquial grammar that may be mistakenly interpreted. Body language could have the same effect if some actions also are perceived in the wrong way.

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