Read- While not all nurses will conduct research studies, every

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  • While not all nurses will conduct research studies, every nurse will be required to implement evidence-based practice (EBP). Evidence-based practice is an integral approach designed to provide nursing care; it incorporates the best evidence from the literature and the expertise of the clinician coupled with the preferences and values of the patient. The goal of EBP is to promote effective nursing practice, efficient care, and improved patient outcomes and to provide the best available evidence to support decision making (DeNisco & Barker, 2015). Mazurek Melnyk et al., (2016) identified seven steps of the evidence-based practice process.
  • Cultivate a spirit of inquiry.
  • Ask a clinical question.
  • Search for the best evidence.
  • Critically appraise the evidence.
  • Integrate best evidence with one’s clinical expertise and patient preferences and values to make a practice decision or change.
  • Evaluate the outcomes of practice decision or change.
  • Disseminate the results (p. 4)

Master’s-prepared advanced practice nurses are responsible for evaluating and implementing evidence-based approaches that yield best practices for nursing in all healthcare and healthcare- related settings (NLN, 2012). Evidence-based practice in its traditional form focused on balancing the best evidence with clinician expertise and patient preferences to improve patient outcomes (Loversidge, 2016). In the current healthcare environment, care occurs in many different settings: direct and indirect. With advanced education, the role of the nurse continues to expand beyond the clinical setting to include many different practice areas, including academic, administrative, informatics, and political. This means that evidence-based practice is applied to all areas of healthcare and healthcare- related practice settings.

Quesions to answer- 

As you contemplate your future NP practice, how do you view your role in the implementation of EBP?

  • What thoughts do you have about how you will engage in scholarship in your NP role?
  • What are some barriers you see to implementing evidence-based practice?

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