PART A Have you ever wondered why it seems all


Have you ever wondered why it seems all religions have the same basic ideas? In this week’s readings, the textbook mentions the Axial Age when all the major modern philosophies and religious ideas developed. The Golden Rule, in various manifestations, emerged during this time.

  • With this in mind, consider the scholarly debate around whether Zoroastrianism influenced the Western religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as described in the textbook. Using facts from these sources, do you think Zoroastrianism was a major influence on the Western religions and why or why not?
  • Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts. Responses should be substantive, provide additional context, and provide evidence (cite source) to support ideas. Dialogue should be meaningful, constructive, and respectful.


Watch the Strayer Success Story: Tawanda Jones. Tawanda was a Strayer student, just like you, who found a way to achieve her goals.

  • In one paragraph, explain how you would define grit and how grit helped Tawanda reach her goals.
  • In one paragraph, explain how you build grit in yourself and/or your children.

Each paragraph should have 5–7 sentences and be grammatically correct.

Respond to at least one other person in the class by Sunday, writing at least three sentences.


 In the discussion, respond to the following. Be sure to respond to all parts of this question in order to earn full credit.

  • Identify two specific communication strategies you believe are most effective for use between health care organizations and their patients. Provide rationale to support your choice of strategies. 

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