The first resource compares MySQLi and PHP data objects (PDO’s).


The first resource compares MySQLi and PHP data objects (PDO’s). I don’t think the first half is particularly relevant given MySQLi stopped working with PHP 7, but it still explains the PDO well enough that I think I have a better understanding than the book. It goes over signing into the database, error tossing, and data fetching.


   The second source is a little more speculative because I’m so busy this week between work and my other class, I haven’t had a ton of time to knock this out yet. So far I can connect to my database, but I still need to make sure I can insert into and recall data from my database to fulfill the requirements for the assignment. I intend to continue with the PHP data objects and will use the below video as a reference. What I have watched so far appears to show what I think I will need to do.


   I’ll probably be coming back to this discussion numerous times over the rest of the week to hopefully learn from everyone’s sources. With any luck I won’t have a ton of questions, but I will ask them here if I have them. Best of luck everyone and I hope you are not swamped!

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