Wk3: Discussion Wk3: DiscussionDiscuss the issues with this Leadership Style


Wk3: Discussion

Wk3: DiscussionDiscuss the issues with this Leadership Style approach.
Scenario: It is Wednesday afternoon.  After asking an employee to finish the weekly report, you leave for a late meeting.  Without specific instructions, the person misses quite a few details in hurrying through the report.  At quitting time, the papers are dropped on your desk, and the employee heads for the parking lot.  The next morning you inspect the report and find several major entries missing. You shrug and redo the job yourself. The next day the same employee is having a tough time meeting a project deadline.  By persuading co-workers to lend a hand and monitoring their progress, the employee gets the job finished on time. Using one of the Situational Approaches to Leadership models, discuss how you would determine the appropriate leadership style to use with your generational cohort. Be sure to include the rationale for your selection post by Day 5 in 175-300 words.  

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