After watching Bryan Stevenson’s TED Talk “We Need to Talk

 After watching Bryan Stevenson’s TED Talk “We Need to Talk About Injustice,” answer the following questions:  

1. What stood out to you or surprised you about this talk? Are these issues you were aware of before, or are you learning things for the first time?

2. Name one of the changes Stevenson thinks society should make in order to confront and prevent injustice. What are the obstacles to the changes he says need to be made?

3. This TED Talk aired in 2012. What has changed since then? Has the media and social media attention around policing and race changed any of the issues Stevenson discusses?

4. Are the issues of race, poverty, and injustice theoretical to you or personal? Are you in a group that can choose to ignore these issues as you go about your daily life, or are you forced to think about these daily? Do you have any personal experiences you would like to share that relate to this issue?


Your initial discussion post should be a minimum of 250 words and should demonstrate an understanding of the material and display an original answer that includes well-reasoned analysis.

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