RESPOND TO THIS!!!! Early intervention services are often seen as


 Early intervention services are often seen as a key element to an individual with a developmental disabilities success. This is because early intervention always the individual to start receiving care that is catered to them at a young age while the brain is still developing (Groark, 2006). When a child receives early intervention it also means they are likely to receive all the needed services to increase their success and independence. This is because when one provider sees a deficit that is out of their scope they can suggest to parents to reach out to another provider as well. This is a huge strength to early intervention services because not just one area of their life will be receiving interventions, and likely they will grasp concepts more easily. Currently in my job as a registered behavior technician I have a client in the early intervention range. Not only does he receive ABA services, but also goes to speech, OT, and PT. This is likely the reason we were able to see success at a high rate early on. A limitation to this is that all providers are not in the same network. Making for communication difficult as many waivers have to be signed and questions cannot just be asked fluidly throughout the day. As a result we came into some issues due to miscommunication/ lack of communication.  

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