Product and Service Design This week’s course materials present examples

Product and Service Design

This week’s course materials present examples of how integrating product and service design into your pursuit of operational excellence can be an effective strategy to increase your organization’s competitive advantage. Support your response to the prompts below with specific references to this week’s course materials.

  • Identify two articles or videos from this week’s materials that you found to be most useful. What were your takeaways from these? Why?
  • Select any product or service that you are familiar with, either as a provider or as a consumer. Describe how effective its design is in meeting customer needs.

Post your initial response by Wednesday, midnight of your time zone, and reply to at least 2 of your classmates’ initial posts by Sunday, midnight of your time zone.​


Good afternoon Professor and class – 

From the Harvard Business Review article, the concept of design thinking caught my interest. A disciplined method offered by design thinking enables innovators to escape unproductive habits that stifle creativity. Design thinking is a social technology, similar to Total quality management, that combines valuable tools with knowledge of how people think (Liedtka, 2018). Design thinking is a philosophy that has been quickly embraced by some of the most well-known companies in the world, like Apple and Samsung. Understanding the consumers, questioning assumptions, revamping challenges, and creatively generating ideas you can design and test are all steps in the iterative design thinking process. The main objective is to find alternative approaches and answers that take time to be obvious, given your current level of comprehension.  

Under the design thinking process, the immersion concept is the other takeaway from the course article. A notable factor is that business innovators face the problem of over-relying on their expertise and experience. Design thinking provides immersion in consumer experience, resulting in shifting in the innovators’ mindset regarding a comprehensive understanding of the consumers being designed for.

As a consumer, the Samsung Z fold smartphone’s product design is effective. This product design is effective in the following way. Samsung raised the size of the cover screen while maintaining the exact dimensions as the smartphone to improve users’ experience when using the phone when folded. The shapes of the smartphone, the color and shine of the coating, and every other surface have all been meticulously crafted by Samsung designers to appear and feel luxurious.


Liedtka, J. (2018). Why design thinking works. Harvard Business Review, 96(5), 72-79.

2nd person


Faith Sheppard RE: Week 9 DiscussionCOLLAPSE

Hello Professor and class I chose the two LinkedIn learning platforms because they are very interesting to me, and this is what I am currently working on in my current role. I received this job and was very excited about it, but only to find out there was only bare minimum things done. The workers feel no compassion from the company they think they are just a number, and nobody cares about them. There are many process that have been put on the back burner. Some of the process that are not keep up with can cost our company a lot of money if we are fined. I am trying to get things back on track to make sure we are complaint, doing the right thing, and making sure our employees feel needed and valued. I think if the employees feel like they are valued then they would work harder for you to help improve customer satisfaction. With my company we have been one to set the milestone for differentiation. We are big on differentiation because we are the only company that has special made trailers that gives us the ability to haul more oversize tires. Most companies only can haul four when we can double it and haul up eight. With us being able to haul more tires than the average customer we keep the customers happy and the products rolling.

LinkedIn Learning: DMADV: Design for Six Sigma

LinkedIn Learning: Tim Brown: Use Design Thinking Everywhere

JWI 550: Operational Excellence Week Nine Lecture Notes

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