Week 6 Assignment – Beliefs and Opinions of Authority Overview

Week 6 Assignment – Beliefs and Opinions of Authority


In this assignment, you will discuss how the imbalance of power creates or sustains systemic issues by examining one of the topics below. In so doing, you will examine the ethical, legal, and political implications of inequality and inequity at a societal level. This will increase your awareness of how social intelligence can help leaders make fairer decisions for society. You can also apply this learning to your personal decision-making process, to make choices that benefit the people you interact with every day.


  • Select one of the topics listed in the Topics section below.
  • Read the articles provided for that topic.
  • Answer the following questions in a 3–5 page paper:
    • Summarize the issue and each author’s perspective about it.
    • What imbalance of power is present? How do you know (support with examples)?
    • How does this impact the individual(s) involved? (use specific examples.)
    • How might this issue impact the larger society? Consider:
      • Ethical implications.
      • Legal implications.
      • Political implications.
    • Substantiate your answers with evidence from the articles (cite accordingly).
    • Ensure your paper has an introduction and conclusion.
  • Topics:
    • Topic 1: Inequality in the Workforce.
    • Topic 2: Sanctions Against Released Inmates.
    • Topic 3: Public Restrooms

Use two sources listed in the Requirements to support your writing. Cite the sources listed at least one time within your assignment.

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