In this assignment, you are the Lead Systems Administrator for

In this assignment, you are the Lead Systems Administrator for a mid-sized healthcare organization. They are currently considering moving several of their on-premises servers to the Cloud but are concerned about their security and accessibility to data. Several of the servers contain patient PII (Personally Identifiable Information) that is protected by federal law. You’ve been asked to research the 3 major public cloud providers to determine:

  1. Is Public Cloud is a viable solution?
  2. If it is, which cloud deployment method should be used? Why?
  3. Finally, what are your professional recommendations on how to move forward?

Use the information you gathered in “Lab #10 – Researching AWS, Azure and Google Cloud” to inform your decision.


The deliverable for this assignment will be a 5-10 slide PowerPoint presentation that presents your research and answers the 3 questions stated above. It should be formatted in a visually appealing way and written so a non-technical reader (like a manager) would be able to understand the information.

Use the following link (and Google) to see examples of professionally formatted PowerPoints used for this purpose. They will serve as an example of the quality that is expected:

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