Here is a list of the most popular motivational theories;

Here is a list of the most popular motivational theories;

Maslow- Hierarchy of needs

Adams- Equity theory

Weiner- Attribution theory

Alder- ERG theory

Seligman- Happiness

McClelland – Achievement theory

Skinner- Reinforcement theory

Vroom- Expectancy theory

Hertzberg- Two Factor theory

Existential motivation

Discuss three different motivational theories and compare and contrast them. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each one? Which motivational theory do you think is the best for enabling internal motivation and why? Reflect on your experience. Avoid using quotes from the articles. Explain the concepts in your own words and use proper citations and references. Use personal voice e.g. I agree, I feel, I believe, etc. This paper should have at least 3 references and include one journal article.

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