Making money from apps is possible but difficult. There are

Making money from apps is possible but difficult. There are hundreds of thousands of apps available. The revenue generated from an individual app is typically very small, and the app stores take a 30% cut of all the revenue that your app generates. How do you get people to pay you to use yours? What are the different ways you can collect money for the use of your apps? More importantly, how can you get a lot of people to pay you to use the app so that the revenue generates enough to fund further development or expansion? These are some of the questions that many developers ask. The two primary audiences are typically the employees of an organization for which the app was developed or the public. Many aspects of publishing are the same for both audiences. However, some important differences exist that the developer needs to be aware of. Likewise, publishing Android versus iOS apps can be very similar, but with some significant differences. Some questions have concrete answers; others are still very much open for debate.

  • How do you get a piece of that pie?
  • You’ve created and tested a great app. Now you want your efforts to pay off. What is the best way to do this?
  • What options do you have to make money from apps?
  • What do you have to do to start?
  • Using the industry where you currently work or have worked before, what would you recommend to the organization: Android or iOS?  From a user and developers’ perspective, which would you recommend to your company and why?

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