Project description • The aim of the project is to

Project description

• The aim of the project is to show a mastery/integration of the security concepts and technologies learnt in ISOM340.

• Each person will look for an organization that will allow them to assess their security preparedness, evaluate/audit their enterprise security system, identify outstanding issues and recommend a defense in depth security system that address these issues.

Suggested presentation template system

a) Describe the organization/its environment

b) Describe the major data/systems that they have to protect

c) Describe the top threats that the company is facing?

d) What are the legal issues and regulations that the company must comply with?

e) Describe the current enterprise security systems giving details on how they are using security controls to minimize the risks

f) What are the top major security issues that need to be addressed?

g) With the aid of diagrams, Recommend and describe a defense in depth state of the art system that protects the above assets and addresses the security issues

h) Do a cost-benefit analysis to demonstrate that your recommendation is viable

i) Suggest a phased implementation plan for the new system considering availability issues and identify new personnel required if any.

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