2) Global Issues Leadership Leaders must not only be self-aware,

2) Global Issues Leadership 

Leaders must not only be self-aware, they must be others aware, and aware of the world out there. You will write a “thought leadership” assignment about a current social or global issue requiring leader- ship.

Your aim in wriMng this assignment is – (a) to raise a social/global issue,

(b) persuade your audience to see its importance,

(c) arMculatealeadershipcalltoacMontomoveothersintheworldtohelpresolvethis issue.

** Your audience in this assignments  are your peers in this class.

Examples topics: homelessness, aboriginal land rights, environmental problems, famine, illiteracy, refugees, human trafficking, child poverty, euthanasia, diversity and inequality in leadership, etc.

You will need to access academic research and informaMon related to your topic of choice. Be sure they are academic resources and not WikiPedia or other similar non-accredited academic resources. You will also increase your grade by ciMng the readings from this course, material from lectures and forum discussions, and thoughts/ideas/concepts from your previous courses at TWU.

Total assignment length is six pages, not including the Mtle page and reference page which you should also add.

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