In this assignment, you will explore two sides of an


In this assignment, you will explore two sides of an issue and discuss both sides as well as your own perspective. You will generate a podcast for this assignment utilizing Kaltura.

First, take a look at the listing below of some current differences in thinking. Pick one of these topics that you feel especially drawn to (perhaps because one of the viewpoints fits with your own perspective, causes a negative reaction in you, or because the topic is something you have not considered before).

Each of these topics has a write-up attached that would represent a way of thinking on this topic. These write-ups are fictional; however, they are based on ideas and perspectives that represent voices within communities.  

After you select a topic and read the two attached differing viewpoints, you will then generate a reflection on your own positioning using Kaltura. 

In your Kaltura reflection, be sure to address the following:

  1. Define both “sides” of the issue you are presenting (attempt to explain it from both perspectives).
  2. Discuss your own personal reflections on this issue and if that perspective shifted as a result of considering the sources.
  3. Consider your internal reactions to working with people in therapy settings who might hold viewpoints on this topic that widely differ from your own perspective.
  4. Identity some things you might do as a therapist (tools) to help guide you through some of the discomforts you may feel in working with extremist viewpoints that differ from your own. 

Note: Make sure you integrate readings from this week into your discussion, you may also look outside the readings for this week to supplement your ideas.

Length: a 3 to 5-minute Podcast presentation

References: Include a minimum of 2 resources.

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