Advertising strategy and media plan

Subject: Advertising

Reference: APA style

Assessment 2 Campaign Concept and Presentation 30% Client TBC

Each group is a ‘mini-‐agency’. You will be pitching your potential campaign in Week 12 10am Wednesday of this semester. Each agency is responsible for creating a well-‐researched advertising strategy and media plan using a variety of promotional media. Each agency will submit a written report, which is likely to include the following: • An executive summary (one page or less) • Index (and numbered pages) • Competition analysis • Target audience analysis • Creative brief (with a clear summary of your Central Communicating Idea) • Creative • Evaluation plans for the campaign • Media schedule • Budget report • Appendices of relevant material • References Please make sure that you provide support for your suggested ideas by referring to outside research (see the industry journals listed in this study guide and on iLearn), the assigned textbook or other relevant sources. Please note, it is not essential to submit ‘professional, press-‐ready’ quality advertising material— stick figure drawings depicting your ideas are acceptable. However, if you have the skills and technological mastery to produce at a professional level … go for it! It is expected that each team addresses all elements of the brief. In addition to the ‘final’ product, please also submit any drafts that show how your ideas evolved over the course of the assignment. For the oral presentation however, you will only need to display your final designs and explain reasoning. The major written report is due for submission before the presentation. The Agency Presentations will be scheduled for LECTURE TIME Tuesday Week 11. There are several teams presenting. In all good presentations, time and efficiency is critical, so each presentation MUST take no longer than the allocated time. Rehearsal is essential! 1. The major assignment is a group project, with all members of a team being allocated the same mark, although it is possible for non-contributing members to be marked lower. 2. Upon provision of adequate proof (to the lecturer) that a team member is failing to contribute to the group project in any way, that member of a group may be ‘fired’ based on the ruling of the lecturer. Anyone who is ‘fired’ from their group has two choices regarding how to proceed, a. (1) form a new agency with anyone else who is ‘fired’ from their agency or b. (2) complete the assignment as a sole agent. Either choice is satisfactory for meeting the requirements of this unit. However, be aware that being ‘fired’ from your group for not contributing is not a sufficient reason for requesting an extension to the deadline or requesting special consideration regarding the final grade awarded for the assignment. 8

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