‘Critically appraise the challenges in managing heritage tourism destinations

Description Your essay should include a critical discussion of the following — • definitions of the term heritage tourism • the composition (supply) of heritage tourism in different destinations • the challenges in managing heritage tourism in destinations • and contain references to academic literature on heritage tourism management. Some general points on your coursework assessments The mark for your essay will be based on: • evidence of research and investigation including referencing  • content including choice of appropriate definition and criteria for choice  • quality of the presentation  • quality of conclusion. Your essay should follow standard essay layout (you do not need to use these as sub-headings): • introduction (what is the question about) • argument (what is your answer to the question) • conclusion (your overall synthesis and answer) • reference list (full list of sources used). Please write the essay in 3rd person English i.e. no use of ‘I think that’ or ‘you can see that’ — rather ‘it is thought that’ or ‘the author has established’. Ensure you spell-check and grammar-check your work in advance of submission. Answers must be word processed. Length should be as stated in the assessment statement as excessive length will be penalised. Always clearly label the question and sub-questions that you are dealing with. References, contents page and appendices do not count within the word limit. Your essay should be fully referenced minimum 10 textbook or journal reference sources).

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