Digital transformation literacy blog. about the Ecomarce and energy in saudi arabia

A blog project consists of a digital transformation literacy blog. Finally, you have to discuss how the industry (A)( E comerace) is been enabled by the government and the private sector by using B (Energy) and how it is impacting C (Individuals or society). The title Write down your selected keywords for your selected topic. Why did you choose them? Why are they relevant to C? Who is C? Use the right keywords to craft a headline for blog entry. Make sure that you use data to back up your decision making. The blog entry The 500 words written blog must convey a discourse on the nature of A, how it has been influenced and enabled by B and its impact on C in Saudi Arabia. How has B influenced/enabled A? Why? How is it visible and what is happening as a result? What challenges and opportunities result as a consequence of B? What is the impact of A on C? Why? Think of specific use cases where A can be seen clearly affecting C. Include stats, facts, and any research that back up your ideas and guided your thinking. Benefits, challenges and opportunities, ethical discourse Critical Thinking: how do you visualise how this industry would be shaped in 2030? Specifications Word count: ± 500 words. Language: Arabic AND English Printing: Printed both sides. The bibliography and appendices may be single spaced. Grammar: Great attention should be put in editing both the written document and the presentation. The essay should be correctly referenced, typed and should be both spell-checked and grammatically correct. Referencing: You must cite at least one (1) academic source from ABS ranked journals. You can also use news articles from reputable sources if it’s appropriate for the topic. You must follow Harvard’s referencing style. All images, tables, figures and graphics should be referenced. Other sources include newspaper articles/press releases, government and/or industry reports, blogs/discussion forums.

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