Engagement [Children] – Hunger and Meals, After School, Tutoring, Arts & Music

In this discussion you should respond to the following prompts:

First, share your previous experiences of civic engagement, or volunteering. Describe the identity groups and community that were supported by your efforts. How were they served? If you worked with a specific organization, be sure to mention them and give them some recognition. What types of experiences did you engage in? What did you get out of it? Do you recommend the experience to others? Second, in preparation for the final project complete the following: Choose a social issue from the list provided that is experienced in your community: Youth Engagement [Teens] – Urban Farms, Night-time Basketball clubs, Mentoring, Elder visits, Care-givers, LGBTQI Runaways/Homeless Youth Engagement [Children] – Hunger and Meals, After School, Tutoring, Arts & Music Elder Engagement – Grandma and Grandpa mentoring to youth, Tutoring, School-related Elder Care – Hunger, Meals, Self-care, Errands, Transport, Visits, Veterans, Care-givers General Community – Arts & Music, Food Deserts, Urban Food/Nutrition, Urban Farms, Environmental issues (fracking, drought, environmental racism, ‘not in my back yard’), Homelessness Animals – Rescue, Elder support while ill, Senior animals Programs to support unique groups: Victims of Domestic Violence, Disabled Veterans, Veterans Families, Care Support for spouses of Disabled Veterans, Bullying, Race or Religion-related, LGBTQI- related, Single-parents [You may choose a social issue not listed here, however you must obtain approval from your Instructor first.] Build a defense of why this is an important social issue in your community that needs addressing by completing the following steps: Perform a Google search of the internet to find what Government and local data is available on the issue or the group of people it affects. Does it affect a subgroup of people more than others? [For example: youth, elders, different races, cultures or genders?]. Take note of the data you find. Perform a Google search of the internet of community and political groups [Republican, Democrat, Green Party, etc…] which address this issue in their platform. What do they have to say? What are their perspectives? Find 4 scholarly articles from the Ashford Library in which the social issue is generally discussed. Report this data fully in your paper/proposal. Some of the information you gather may be in data form. Here are some examples of how data can be presented in your paper/proposal: A table of all the variables you found (if you select this option, please do not copy and paste tables from the website. Rather, create your own table with all of your variables). [Choose – Insert/Table in MS Word; add as many columns and rows as you like]: Location: [examples] San Diego, Kern County, etc…

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