Explain what “The Little Match-Seller” tale teaches about cultural values, morals, and behavior

Requirements that I need strictly followed up by the Writer.

1. Read the  “The Little Match-Seller” tale. 2. DO NOT Use any outside sources or criticism, scholarly, commentary, or interpretation (any ideas not your own) 3. NO OUTSIDE CITATION 4. Interpret the tale by explaining what you think the story teaches about cultural values, morals, and behavior AND the story depicts and symbolizes these ideas (paradigms). 5. Make specific references to the tale to clarify your points (taken from the attached story). 6. PLEASE READ AND REVIEW the attached PDF file- “A GOOD MODEL OF WRITING” WITH MY COMMENTS in it that I NEED the writer uses the same STYLE, STRUCTURE (such as summary, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion) AND the same way of conclusion for this essay/writing assignment.

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