Income inequality and poverty in large cities and small cities in Canada

Income inequality and poverty in large cities and small cities in Canada 

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The paper should be divided into sections such as : Introduction, Review of the literature, data and methodology, main issues, hypotheses /findings, conclusions/summary, and references. It should contain an abstract which should be written before the Introduction section of the paper. The abstract should be limited to about 200 words. The abstract should indicate the main objectives, methods, and results of the paper. Different sections of the paper should have headlines. Footnotes and references in the paper should follow a consistent format. Main statistical tables should be included within the paper (with appropriate headings) rather than as an appendix. Main findings from statistical tables should be fully discussed in the paper. Sources of data should be clearly mentioned. Less relevant statistical information may be included in the appendix. The paper should not contain more than ten statistical tables. If you carry out any regression analysis, you should use the Eviews software. The regression results should be reported in standard formats. The regression results should be fully discussed. If you are using cross-section data for your regression analysis, you should check for heteroscedasticity. If you are using time series data, check for autocorrelation. Any graphs in the paper should be clearly drawn with headings and labels. You can use Excel or Eviews for graphs. If the paper is related to Canada, you should consult papers /information available from such sources as: Statistics Canada, Bank of Canada, OECD, and IMF. 6. A typed version of the paper with page numbers must be submitted. You should save a copy of the paper for yourself. The optimum size of the paper depends on the topic. The average size may be within the range of 10-15 pages. 7. The paper should not attach photocopies of materials from books, journals, and other sources. The paper should not copy empirical findings of papers written by other researchers. 8. Different sections of the paper should be coherently written and should be consistent with objectives. 9. The paper should focus on some hypotheses relevant to the topic 10. For published articles relevant to your topic consult the Journal of Economic Literature available online through our library.

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