Review of healthcare marketing trends, challenges, and the Marketing Mix Theories

For your Case 1 assignment, you will review healthcare marketing trends, challenges, and the Marketing Mix Theories (4P’s & 4C’s).

Review the following articles: Trends: Smith & Jones. (2017). 2018 healthcare marketing trends and playbook: Eight emerging trends and how you can leverage them now. Retrieved from Resnick. L.R. (2017). Six healthcare marketing trends for 2018. Managed Healthcare Executive. Retrieved from Challenges/Problems: Orchard, C. (2015).

8 challenges to customer-driven healthcare. Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Retrieved from Jaworski, B., Malcolm, R., & Morgan, N. (2016). 7 big problems in the marketing industry. American Marketing Association. Retrieved from 4 P’s/4 C’s of Marketing: Whats and Hows. (2016). What is the Marketing Mix – The 4Ps & 4Cs. [Video]. Retrieved from Case Assignment After reviewing the articles above and conducting your own research, complete the following in a 3- to 4-page paper (read all the instructions before beginning): 1.Select 2-3 challenges/problems with health care marketing and complete the following in 2 pages: a.Identify the selected challenges/problems and explain associated negative effects on a potential health care organization. b.Identify how your selected challenges/problems are related to the 4P’s and 4C’s of marketing from a health care perspective. 2.Select 2-3 trends that you believe will assist in alleviating the 2-3 selected challenges/problems and complete the following in 1-2 pages: a.Explain your trends and how these trends will improve your selected challenges. -Please include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. -Please include a reference page and use frequent in-text citations

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