Why and how does the development of “civilized man” (or “artificial”

Quality of answer: -In addressing the question, be sure to explain the role of natural pity. -It is NOT enough to state that natural pity is eroded, or to use a quotation to that effect. . You should carefully discuss the “why” and the “how” of the erosion of natural pity as well as explain why it is a problem. -Do not rush into answering: Be sure to understand the question, read the primary source with the question at hand, and reflect before you write. Your answer must present a clear, well-organized argument, supported explicitly with evidence based on the REQUIRED READINGS. -Your answer should be based on, and only on, the required reading. The use of any other literature and sources is prohibited. – Be sure to divide your answer to distinctive paragraphs. the length of the Answer: minimum of 600 words – maximum 650 words. Be sure to post word count on the top of your answer. Be Sure to divide your answer to distinct paragraphs.

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