Intimate partner violence in Saudi Arabia – Scoping review

You will be writing a scoping review on a topic that has not been reviewed comprehensively before. This topic is “intimate partner violence in Saudi Arabia”. Review contents: 1. Introduction: words limit (500 – 1000) – minimum references (4) The introduction section should include the followings: (Please look at the review example) a. review question (suggested review question “What is known from the existing data about intimate partner violence in Saudi Arabia” if you have another idea, please discuss it with me before you get started. b. Describe PICO 2. Method: Maximum words (250) – this section should explain the type of review conducted here and why?) 3. Literature Search Strategy (it has been written and no need to write it again) 4. Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria (it has been written and no need to write it again) 5. Study Selection (it has been written and no need to write it again) 6. Data Extraction (it has been written and no need to write it again) 7. Critical Review: Maximum words (250) – Please look at the review example 8. Results: words limit (3000 – 4000) In this section, please summaries characteristics of included studies. As in terms of which year studies were published, which design used? Number of qualitative and quantitative studies? Number of participants etc etc. Data collection methods. Please look at the review example and build in that way. Then use headings coming from the studies. Note: You will write contents number (1,2,7,8). The rest of the review contents will be completed after reading carefully the above contents. Probably, I will choose the same writer if he/she is doing an excellent job in writing this review. After reviewing of the titles and abstracts of identified papers, the result is 26 studies for this review. Supporting tables will be provided. These tables are: 1. Search Results 2. Purpose of the included studies (Author, Year, Purpose of the study) 3. Details of Methods used of the 26 studies (Author, Design, Setting, Sampling, Sample, size, Data Collection) 4. methodology designs of the 26 studies 5. Areas of IPV in Saudi Arabia for the 26 studies (Categorizations of IPV) 6. Data extraction table 7. Setting table of the 26 studies 8. Data analysis table of the 26 studies (Author, Data Analysis, Finding, Limitations, Comments) 9. Exclusion data table (Study title, Author, Purpose, Database, Reason of exclusion) Important Notes: 1. The titles of the 26 studies will be also provided as well as references. 2. If you think the word limits and the papers length are not enough to write this review, please ask me to add more pages. 3. You may add tables and/or figures in the review. 4. The limitation of references is 35-45 (inducing 26 studies). You may add more than 45 references if it necessary; however, you have to write the references for any statements in this paper

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