“Nicomachean Ethics”

interpretive analysis of the passage from “Nicomachean Ethics” The passage is: “For these sorts of jokes seem to be movement of someone’s character, and characters are judged, as bodies are, by their movements.” Book IV, Chapter 8, Section 3 (1128a-10)” Please be sure to write the paper with my outline and professor’s suggestion. Thank you! Interpretation Aristotle seems to be saying that people’s character determines what kind of jokes they say just as our body determines our movements. This statement means that a witty person would say appropriate jokes which are moderate and would not upset or irritate others. On the other hand, buffoons would say inappropriate jokes which sound funny but actually upset others. Thus, according to different people’s character, they would say different jokes. Just like our movements reflect whether our body is old or young. It is significant because it clearly stated that not all people who say jokes can be called witty people. Suggestion: This looks good, but be sure to explain the significance of the quote in the context of Aristotle’s theory of virtue. Why does it matter that not all people who tell jokes can be considered witty? What does it mean for wit to be a virtue? What are virtues, and what role do they play in the question of how one should live?

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