Ocean plastic pollution

Description Argumentative essay using the process of thinking critically about the ocean plastic pollution Include: Relationship of the physical feature/concept/form to local, regional, global patterns/activity/circulation/flows Relationship to the human landscape Controls, limits, and change… Resulting impacts of that change and what may be done to adapt to or modify living conditions 1. Must use the required Critical Thinking Paper format (four sub-headings: Introduction, Analysis, Evaluation, and Conclusion). 2. Total word count must be 500-550 words exactly with 425± 25 words in the Analysis section. This word count is precise, and you will be docked points if your paper is even one word below or above these word counts. 3. Must use a minimum of FOUR books and/or peer-reviewed journal articles. 4. Must use parenthetical citations with the following format: (Friedman, 2008; p. 16) or “As noted by Friedman (2008; p 16), …” 5. Must use APA or MLA format for complete Bibliography at the end of your paper with alphabetized entries and access dates for any websites.

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