Career Path: Emergency Nursing

a.Necessary degree required RN,BSN b.Necessary professional experience for the position#ofyrs,critical care,and certifications TNCC/CEN c.Professional Assocn.for Specialty, list name & address of asscn. d. Professional Journals specific to Specialty e.Necessay certification exam for specialty f. Nat’l conferences for specialty g.renowned speakers/experts in this nursing specialty field 2.How is work environment in specialty,daily/activities/functions,population served,salary?,degree of autonomy, demands/rewards specific to specialty 3.What professional attributes would be necessary to be successful in this specialty 4. what other members of the healthcare team collaborate closely with this nursing specialty 5. and list 3 articles in recent nursing/healthcare journals that are associated with emergency nursing. Must be APA format and Must include Citiation Page!

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