Accounting education practices in the Muslim world and the convergence

You need to be bit more elaborative Starting with a description of Saudi Arabia would not be the ideal one. It looks like you are ‘simply’ doing a study on Saudi arabia. With due respect, while Saudi Arabia is your empirical case site, the analytical focus of your study should not be just studying Saudi Accounting Education.

Instead it should capture a much more theoretically and academically interesting debate/theme. As we discussed during our previous meeting, one of the possibility is to articulate the way in which accounting education (and accounting for that) in Islamic World (in this case Saudi Arabia) bring together Islam and capitalism.

In that sense, rather than just talking about Saudi Arabia (which you can do later in explaining the case site), first talk about the contemporary political and academic necessity of understanding and explaining the connection between Islam, capitalism and accounting education. This has to be done by explaining the extent to which, and the ways in which, this connection has been researched in the accounting and management (or any other field for that). In other words, set up the academic/literary context within which your study is located and, accordingly, your aims. It could be a good idea for you to read bit more on ‘institutional logic perspective’, as a potential theoretical framework. considering the two logics convergence as theory-driven

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