Bibliography a piece by Mozart or Haydn’s with Annotations

You will work on a very short source list (four) for the Mozart or Haydn work you have been assigned( could be assigned as Haydn’s work: “the wanderer” from his second set of VI original canzonettas, will double check and update soon). You will also need to annotate them in the formal sense, meaning that you will include a written description of each source that includes an evaluation of the source for particular or general research uses. You will turn in an alphabetized list of 4 sources, along with annotations for all 4. One of these four must be from a periodical. Only one source can be an article from Grove Online. Only one source can be a dissertation. At least one source has to be a scholarly journal article. Complete all 4 annotations for your final essay version. (use SAMPLE English and grammar, Please give the quality of ideas and info for the essay AS a classical MUSIC MAJOR STUDENT)

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