Earth Mother Archetypes in Film: Avatar, Fern Gully, and Pocahontas

Instructions and Examples for Major Papers for Cinema Appreciation

Major papers need to be a minimum of 2,000 words. They should be in MLA format, with the following exceptions: titles are centered and put in bold font; your name, class, and meeting time go directly under the title and are also centered; and you do not write your last name next to the page numbers (there should be no page number on first page). Start your text on underneath your title—i.e., no title page. This is how you would send your essay to a film journal, which is your target audience. Hence, your paper should focus on interpreting the films and not simply reiterating plot.

Discuss plot only as it relates to the films’ and your ideology (you do not have to explain obvious information with which your readers would already be familiar). These are creative scholarly position papers, not encyclopedic research essays that simply regurgitate information. You have to discuss at least three films and only one of them can be a movie we watched in class. You do not need to discuss in your paper any of the movies we have watched in class. The papers must be typed, double-spaced with 12-point font and one-inch margins, and stapled in the top left hand corner. You have to have a minimum of two sources that are cited in your Works Cited page. On the bottom right-hand corner of the Works Cited page write “Word count: and put the number of words in your paper.” Please make sure you have plenty of sentence structure and paragraph diversity. Edit and re-edit… eloquence carries meaning; so do verbs. Do a “find” check and make sure you are not using too many “is” or “was” in your paper.

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