Geriatric Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing

All research is to be cited appropriately as per APA guidelines, including a reference page.


Your submission must have the following headings as per below


·Areas of Nursing

O I Identified 3 areas of nursing that interest me ,please explain what draws you to gain employment in those areas.

Geriatric Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing- my placement of preceptorship and I also worked in a long term facility  that specialized in Mental health patient.

Orthopedic Nurse- I had my clinical 3 experience

Neonatal  Nursing- I love kids that’s why I am interested on this field

O Complete research on each area including whether any additional education or skills are necessary to work in these areas.

O Explain how a graduate could obtain employment in these areas.

O Word limit 500 words total.


·Personal Reflection

oReflect on  educational program and clinical experiences.

(I have experiences on neuro department, orthopedic department and mental health department during my clinical.) reflect on those experiences

oDescribe how your education and clinical experiences have prepared you to begin your nursing career.

oWhat tools have you gained through your program to help you transition to graduate nurse?

oWord limit: 500 words total.


·Coping Strategies

O Discuss personal coping strategies you have learned about or developed that will help you deal with the  stress of transitioning to a graduate practical nurse while maintaining your won physical and

mental health.

oWord limit: 300 words total.

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