Interview Assignment Research Methods 110

There are four parts of the assignment that need to be turned in to receive full credit. All assignments should be double-spaced; except for the interview topic guide can be single-spaced.

1) Interview Topic Guide

This consists of the topics that you are using for your interviews. For your interview it is not necessary to write out the questions, just the topics. But for the assignment I would like to see the questions you asked. You can provide the questions under each topic that you used during your interview. Topics may include but are not limited to: background, school, challenges, identity, work, family, benefits, institution, etc. 1-2 pages


2) Transcript

Transcribe from your interview recording one of your interviews. It can be the first interview, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Write out word-for-word the questions asked and the responses you received. You should also include emotional and any other non-verbal responses. This should be written in a Q and A format. You should also use pseudonym(s). 16-25 pages (for this part, it is only Q and A form that no need 275 words per pages) 3) Second and/or Third Interview This should be a summary of the other interviews. For organizations sake, you can continue the topic theme and summarize the other interview(s) according to the topics you made for the interview guide. Here you will mention any new questions added or taken away and why, along with a general summary of the questions asked and their responses. Which responses were different, the same, interesting, surprising, etc.? This should be written in essay form but you can use the headings from your topic guide if you wish. 3-5 pages

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