Ivan Ilych and Jonathan Swift

 Create an argument based on the essay prompt in bold below. Discuss what you read about these characters’ or people’s pursuits of a different life. You are only allowed to use your textbook (NO outside sources are allowed). You may use quotes from the text, but do not include more than 20% quotes or summation of a story or situation. Develop an argument in your introduction that culminates in a strong thesis. The thesis is the idea you want the reader to consider after he or she reads your essay. You will have main points that support your argument throughout your essay. You might use a quote or a summary of a part of your reading to support a main point, but you want most of your essay to be YOU. Using the following characters Ivan Ilych from the (The Death of Ivan Ilych) and Jonathan Swift  analyze, develop an argument for the one you think was most successful at achieving the “life” he or she desired and why. Use the analysis to help argue your point. Here are some aspects you might analyze for the two characters that you selected. (You do not have use these…you may use others or some of these.) • Strengths • Weaknesses • Morals and Values • Respect for others {Analysis may also be called compare and contrast.) No outside sources allowed (other than the material that I will provide) You may use quotes from the text, but do not include more than 20% quotes or summation of a story or situation.

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