Managing Crisis and Change; Crisis Preparedness

Contemporary healthcare organizations must possess an operative format or infrastructure that incorporates into the management processes “adaptive” and “predictive” strategies and crisis preparedness. Develop a crisis preparedness plan. List and explain the specific stages associated with a well-formulated crisis preparedness plan (refer to Quantum Leadership; pages 301-308). Your writing assignment must not exceed five (5) pages (excluding title and reference pages), double-spaced using #12 font, and American medical association format.


(15 Total Points) Overall relevance of proposed crisis preparedness plan (3 pts) Importance of strategic planning (3 pts) Recovery/Salvage Stage (3 pts) Adaptive Effectiveness (3 pts) Systems Evaluation (3 pts) All paragraphs ought to contain at least three sentences. Not one, not two, but at least three sentences! -Paragraphs ought to contain a topic sentence detailing the purpose of the paragraph with subsequent sentences related to the first.

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